Korean War Research Paper

Korean War Research Paper-57
The Korean War was three different conflicts from the perspective of the disparate groups who fought in it.

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From the Korean perspective, the war began in 1946 with a nationalist anti-foreign uprising against the American occupiers, the Autumn Harvest Rebellion.In southern Korea, the USAMGIK faced growing nationalist hostility to a long occupation and a trusteeship approved at a US-USSR conference in Moscow in December 1945.There was no obvious successor regime in South Korea, the choices being too close to the Chinese Nationalists.Overwhelmed by almost one million Korean refugees returning from Japan and its wrecked empire, the US Army Military Government in Korea (USAMGIK) and the State Department watched political events unfold with dismay.In the Soviet zone, the Red Army looted and expropriated everything of value.The Soviets had already invaded and occupied northern Korea in their August 1945 campaign against Japan in Manchuria.To limit conflict between the allies, the US and USSR agreed to divide Korea at the 38th Parallel as a temporary control measure.Conflict continued into 1947 with strikes and terrorist attacks and broke out into a national insurgency in 1948.This resistance, led by the SKLP, did not prevent UN-sponsored elections and the creation of the Republic of Korea (August 1948) under a returned exile nationalist leader, Syngman Rhee.The Americans recognized that the division put two-thirds of the thirty million Koreans under US protection.The southern zone included Seoul and the Han River Valley, as well as much of mountainous Korea’s scarce arable land.


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