Korean War Essay

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When the Korean War ended, the united Korean nation was forcefully separated into two countries with the screaming differences in all spheres of life.

North Korea was kept under the strict control of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung who managed to develop a cult of his personality among the population.

All the people living behind the wall were deprived of making free choices or accessing information.

Vietnam, a country that was divided into the free South and communist North, was a focal point in the struggle between the West world and the East.

At the moment the South fell, Vietnam was grabbed by the North Vietnamese communist regime that lasted for fifty years.

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However, the system was fought eventually; now this country is much more open to the world even though it still has to deal with the outcomes of the regime.In addition, the Korean War itself has to be studied to realize why the 25 million North Korean population has been under the rule of one family for sixty years.For twelve centuries, from 7, Korea was a single country.Our native English speaking writers have considerable experience in preparing great academic pieces of writing, so rest assured that you will get the exact paper you need!Nowadays, the belligerence of North Korea is the issue that worries thousands of people around the world.In spite of the fact that the country experienced assault committed by its neighbors including China, Japan and Russia as well as the policy of adventurism provided by the West, it managed to protect its unity.In 1905, Japan occupied Korea; the occupation lasted until the time the WW2 ended.We present a research paper on the Korean War produced by our knowledgeable writer.It covers the most important sides of the war between South and North Korea that resulted in the division of the peninsula into two ideologically opposed countries.At that moment, the United States of America realized what was going to happen.Having no actual plan for Korea or understanding of the current situation in the country as well as having no special means and logistics inside Korea, the Americans were forced to offer to divide Korea in order not to allow the Soviets to occupy the whole country.


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