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When you're a student, homework is an unavoidable fact of life. If you’re faced with something as ludicrous as homework for 4-year-olds, feel not an ounce of shame if you decide to take matters into your own hands in order to speed up the process. If you can get through without dropping any F bombs, you deserve some sort of major award. The only thing worse than sitting there for hours and helping your kid plod through his homework is following him around begging him to do it himself. Oh, it’s just your brain trying desperately to call up math shit you learned in 1994 and thought you’d never have to use again. In trying to project an image of having your shit together, you might tell your social media world that your kid is doing just swell with their homework. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down and a little “after school special” definitely makes the homework more tolerable. She not only created a funny story about this really, really weird picture of a cat overseeing a pile of hot dogs, but she also used CAPITALS and lots of exclamation points.Who cares what the teacher thought — this kid deserves an A !But now that you’re years removed from take-home questionnaires, you may be able to crack a smile or two at the process—especially if you take a gander at the jokes kids are slipping into their assignments these days.Whether it’s a lazy case of bad math, a comically dark family portrait, or a too-literal interpretation of the assignment (see above…and below), some students just really know how to tickle our funny bones.Some of these students are being deliberately funny; others may very well be trying (and failing) to find the right answer.We think every single one of them deserves a place in the Smart Aleck Hall of Fame.


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