John And Elizabeth Proctor Relationship Essay

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And to go along with all of her sacrifices, Elizabeth still manages to be blamed for things that aren’t her fault.

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Each women has a strong motivation in the story; but there is no telling which is the strongest. So much so that she voluntarily left her home to be taken prisoner. One thing that they did have in common is that they are both striving to win or keep John's heart.

Her rationale behind this was that if she was honest, and her reputation was good for it, then she would become free again. She would rather tell a lie and be the center of attention than be blamed for something. Elizabeth's part in this was to fire Abigail for having an affair with John.

It is hard to imagine how any woman could just carry on after something so significant has happened in her relationship.

Because of the affair, she also has conflicts with Abigail.

When she fires Abigail she is sacrificing her marriage because of the fact John could hate her for it.

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She is also sacrificing her happiness by staying with John after his affair with Abigail, but she does it to keep everyone happy.

And Elizabeth's only lie during the story was when she told the judge that John and Abigail had no affair.

Her only lie would cause the death of her beloved husband.

Both Abigail and Elizabeth had contributed to John Proctor's death.

Abigail with her tails of witchcraft on many women in the town had caused many people's lives to be taken away from them.


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