Jacksonian Democracy Thesis Statement

After that, it was a clear path to becoming president of the United States.

From the very beginning, Jackson was a strong advocate of taking care of the people’s rights.

“Those who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God, if ever he had a chosen people,” he wrote.

In the seventeen-nineties, Jefferson’s followers, fiercely fighting Federalist rule, redefined democracy as the Revolution’s legacy, a logic that made Federalism appear inconsistent with the spirit of the Revolution.

“He that is not a Democrat is an aristocrat or a monocrat,” one Jeffersonian declared.

When Jefferson was elected President, in 1800, the Federalists, those rank monocrats, lost control of the government.Always eager to serve his country, Webster wrote to Jefferson in 1801 offering an exegesis of his inaugural address (on the ground that “surely every sentence of the philosophical Jefferson must carry with it ”).In his address, Jefferson had declared, “Sometimes it is said that man can not be trusted with the government of himself.While a Bible’s worth is hard to measure, the Scout guide, at fifty cents, was an awfully good bargain, and was, in any case, the book you’d most like to have if you were shipwrecked somewhere, not least because it included the chapter “How to Make Fire Without Matches.” But “The Rise of American Democracy” promised, invaluably, “to make clear how Americans have come to live and to believe as they do.” It was also a quick read. Casner, a Connecticut schoolteacher, and Ralph Henry Gabriel, a Yale professor, set out to make history matter.In a foreword written in the dark days of 1937, when Fascism, not democracy, was on the rise, they offered a sober historian’s creed: “We live today in perilous times; so did many of our forefathers.In 1828, he published his magnum opus, “An American Dictionary of the English Language.” He was a born definer, not to say a mincer, of words.About the rise of democracy, he complained, “The men who have preached these doctrines have never defined what they mean by the as much as Kings,” he wrote.The debate about whether Jackson was a hero or the villain of his own story arises when we look at the contradiction in what he believed and what he did.Coming from an unfortunate background himself, Jackson took it upon himself to create a system which would benefit the poor and the weak instead of just the privileged.They sometimes made mistakes; let us strive to learn not to repeat these errors.The generations which lived before us left us a heritage of noble ideals; let us hold fast to these.” Above all, they wanted American schoolchildren to understand the of democracy.


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