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If you decide that the reason is in the low productivity of a specific team member, you will develop various solutions aimed at optimizing his her work.

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This approach (with optional changes) was taken as the basis for many famous techniques. Root cause analysis (RCA) is an approach for identifying the underlying causes of a problem.

The method is typically used when something goes badly.

The best outcome for your problem is the solution to the highest level on the matrix.

This matrix can be visualized on a piece of paper: When the best solution is found, it’s time to take action.

However, it is sometimes used when something goes well. Solve Prevent any negative impact to the goals by choosing the best solution.

Problem-solving, incident investigation and root cause analysis are fundamentally connected by 3 basic questions: Define the problem by its impact on overall goals.2. Effective solutions should make a change to how people execute processes.

A brainstorming session or discussions within any team building activity will be the excellent solution.

After your list of ideas that can solve the problem becomes quite long, you need to choose a single method of solution.

You may use it for troubleshooting, quality improvement and problem-solving.

This method’s simplicity gives it great flexibility and it combines well with other methods and techniques.5 Whys uses a 6-step flow: It is important to move quickly from the answer to the next question, which will allow you to determine the overall picture before consciousness comprehends the problem.


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