Is Michelle Obama A Racist Thesis

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The Obama camp has now released Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton.

In a tweet on Sunday, D’Souza called the senior thesis “a complete intellectual embarrassment not just to her but also Princeton.” He appended a link to Politico’s four-part PDF of the 66-page document for readers to assess it for themselves.

By way of context for these remarks on smartness, I offer you Michelle’s Princeton senior thesis, a complete intellectual embarassment not just to her but also to Princeton Vyw63XF Ds Su Mu — Dinesh D' Souza (@Dinesh DSouza) December 16, 2018 D’Souza’s Facebook post included a link to an article in Newsweek in which Mrs.

I think that’s part of her appeal to the Oprah audience: her inflated but fragile ego.

Born in Chicago on January 17, 1964, Michelle La Vaughn Robinson Obama is an attorney who has been married to Barack Hussein Obama since 1992. According to , [Michelle] Obama reveals that she got into Princeton …


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