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The illegalization of segregation, however, did not elicit a change in funding structures.

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It has made national headlines as the subject of Supreme Court cases, yet it is also a matter most often discussed in vague strokes and in closed quarters. The answer is simple: the essence and rationale for affirmative action have been lost, diluted by the very people who made it necessary to implement in the first place.

We don’t want the policy to last forever, but it needs to last until equal opportunity is I’ve already admitted that affirmative action is unequal; however, it is not unfair.

To believe that it provides an unfair advantage requires believing that all remnants of discrimination have disappeared, a statement that just isn’t true.

Minorities, not having access to these resources, eventually became under-performing students.

They only faced more struggles if they tried to change their situation and go to a better school district since those schools preferred students who outperformed their peers.


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