Introduction To Immigration Essay

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It is only more pronounced today due to the ease of travel and conflict in the world so that instead of a trickle of people, it is happening en masse especially and raising attention.It is also happening in reverse whereby the world is migrating to Europe and the prosperous north.

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This is a fallacy for Europe as it is for the whole world.

Today the world is a global village and the earlier we accept this the better the world will be, devoid of racism and other negative ‘isms.

Continents like the Americas and Australasia were discovered as a result.

The resultant effect of this discovery was the immigration of many Europeans to this new lands and consequent prosperity for their home countries and the exploitation of the new lands of their natural resources and labor.

It is reverse migration and the Europeans are complaining loudest.

Two hundred years ago it had happened and it was seen as a noble thing.

It is also what I would call ‘selective amnesia’ on the part of the anti immigrant groups who are largely guided by negative racist ideologies that become manifest in many aspects of social life that include xenophobia, otherness, segregation, and supremacism.

They forget the innumerable advantages the immigrants bring to their countries.

This work is left to a large extent to charities, informal social and religious groups, and inter and non-governmental organizations.

The other side of the coin is that for the immigrant’s home country, a void is left behind especially for the trained, experienced and skilled manpower.


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