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DISABILITY ACCOMMODATIONS If you feel that you are entitled to special academic accommodations for documented disabilities, please contact the Disability Support Services office in Rendleman Hall #1218 (Phillip Pownall, Director), or visit their website, and they will help you fill out the necessary paperwork.Throughout the novel, Christopher Mc Candless’s character changed over time.

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The primary "meat" of the course will be the discussions we have together about these materials on our Discussion Board (on our Blackboard course site), which will be partly structured by prompts from the Instructor.

Therefore, being an active participant in these discussions, as well as keeping up with the weekly exams (due every Friday), is vital to your success in this course.

To me, there is no such thing as a secret world of the bears. This course will also include several contemporary films that explore the same thematic territory and that also draw upon the traditions of earlier literatures.

Although this is an online course, lecturing (i.e., written and/or spoken lectures) will not be a main component of this course; rather, assigned texts and films will be supplemented by links to important background material, and to discussion prompts, all designed to help you to better understand the primary course material.

I will help you become sharper and more critical readers, and each student will help each other and me to create a learning community that is student-centered and highly interactive.

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As a general rule of thumb, I expect each student to participate, actively and with some gusto, in at least two (if not more) discussion threads each week and to actively help guide the dialogue that occurs there, stimulate participation, respond to others' questions and raise new questions, and seek clarification when necessary (which means: do everything you can to keep the conversations moving in a productive fashion, and ask lots of questions along the way).Each week, on Sunday evenings, I will post three to five "thinking prompts," each one of which will serve as a separate "discussion thread." Since this is an online course, vigorously participating in these conversational threads on the Discussion Board is vitally important, especially Mondays through Thursdays (we'll consider Fridays a "day off" from discussion, although if you want to continue posting then, feel free).This course will place an important emphasis on open and free discussions where you should feel encouraged to express your opinions and questions without worrying over whether you are saying the "right" or "wrong" things.(30%) At the end of the term, you will be given an essay prompt, and will be asked to write a 3-page reflective essay in which you will thoughtfully explore the themes of the class in relation to one or more of the primary literary works we have read.WEB ACCESS AND USE An SIUE e-mail account and Web access are REQUIRED for this course.The hyperlinks for these assignments will be activated on Thursday evenings in the weeks in which they are due.(30%) On our Blackboard course site, there will be a Discussion Board which we will rely upon for our collective weekly discussions.This is a literature course, not a chemistry or astronomy course, and the best we can do in this course is learn together how to be more thoughtful readers of literature, and also to see if we can get out of literary texts and films than we might have initially thought was possible.We want to have fun, while also exploring the very serious and pressing social and cultural questions that great works of art always raise for us.All definitions, terminology, concepts, and patterns of organization taken from an outside source must be identified and given credit in any essay or exam you write--whether it be for the English department or any other department.For more detailed information on this, please consult the following: SIUE Plagiarism Policy.


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