Intellectual Property Dissertations

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If such is not the case, then the student must indicate in a signed, written statement what part of the thesis or dissertation is solely his or her own or co-authored.

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These elements may form part of the body of the work – normally an introduction or opening chapter – that leads coherently into the publications.

Furthermore, there should be a concluding chapter or section that discusses the body of the thesis or dissertation, including all previously published parts.

For both electronic and multimodal theses/dissertations, students may wish to include supplementary files as part of their final submission (see Final Thesis/Dissertation Submission).

[ Top ] A thesis or dissertation should be written in English, but approval may be given to a written request from a student for a thesis or dissertation to be written in French or in the language of any Aboriginal/First Nations people in North America, subject to confirmation from the director of the graduate program concerned that relevant supervision and sufficient support for the completion of such written work can be provided.

This means that if a thesis/dissertation contains separate manuscripts, there needs also to be introductory and concluding chapters that explain how these separate manuscripts fit together into a unified body of research.

If previously published materials are included, then it should be made clear what exactly is the student’s own work and what is the contribution of other researchers, as outlined above under Originality of a Thesis/Dissertation.

In cases where one or more chapters of the thesis or dissertation have been previously published in a journal or book to which the author has assigned copyright, permission to include the chapter(s) in the thesis or dissertation must be obtained from the copyright holder(s).

Please see the section on Copyright for more details.

Master’s theses should demonstrate that the student is familiar with and has an acceptable understanding of the literature in the subject of the thesis; that appropriate research methods have been used; and that appropriate levels of critical analysis have been applied.

The research embodied in the thesis should make some original contribution to knowledge in the field.


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