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While among the rioters were lesbians, sex workers, drag queens, transgender and gender non-conforming people and people of color, such as Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P.Johnson, post-Stonewall movements have produced narratives that invisibilize these protagonists and their multiple sexual, gender, and racial identities.How does the Stonewall myth participate in the globalization of sexual and gender identities?

Stonewall is indeed also mythic because its fame has exceeded US national borders.For five days and nights, the neighborhood was the scene of a confrontation between rioters and the police.In the following weeks and months, this upsurge reinforced emerging liberation movements that coalesced into a diverse political force.The events were celebrated the following year and have since generally been presented as “the birth of the gay liberation movement” that is commemorated in today’s yearly LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) pride marches.On the fiftieth anniversary of Stonewall, this conference aims to shed critical light on this major event and its possible effects on the development of LGBTQ mobilizations around the world.And LGBTQ pride marches have gradually turned into entertaining parades or commodified festivals.How, concretely, has the understanding of riots driven by the rejection of policing and social control gradually shifted toward a narrative in support of homonormativity, state security, and neoliberalism?Submissions based on empirical data (archives, interviews, ethnographies, cultural productions in literature, cinema, TV series, comics, songs, etc.) and with a comparative or intersectional approach will be especially welcome.Submissions may reflect one or several of the following sets of issues: The conference will take place at the universities of Paris-Est Créteil and Paris-Dauphine, France, on June 3rd–5th, 2019.How does this shift affect working-class LGBTQ people and LGBTQ people of color?Through what processes has this history been re-appropriated in official discourses sanctioning more or less subtle forms of racism, sexism, and homonationalism?


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