Individuality And Goal Essay

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Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it.

In between, there are some very well-defined steps that transcend the specifics of each goal.

If your goal is simply defined as "To reduce expenses" how will you know when you have been successful?

In one month's time if you have a 1 percent reduction or in two years' time when you have a 10 percent reduction?

And you can end up in a very destructive "I can't do anything or be successful at anything" frame of mind.

To make sure that your goal is motivating, write down why it's valuable and important to you.

Ask yourself, "If I were to share my goal with others, what would I tell them to convince them it was a worthwhile goal? The simple fact is that for goals to be powerful, they should be designed to be SMART.

" You can use this motivating value statement to help you if you start to doubt yourself or lose confidence in your ability to actually make the goal happen. There are many variations of what SMART stands for, but the essence is this – goals should be: Your goal must be clear and well defined.

These are the types of goals that require you to "raise the bar" and they bring the greatest personal satisfaction.

Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.


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