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She becomes involved with the underground after witnessing a battle in the mountains between government forces and anti-Trujillo rebels on the fourteenth of June, 1959.

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Alvarez, her parents, and her three sisters made their home in a small apartment in New York City.

Despite the racism of some classmates, Alvarez enjoyed learning English and credits the experience with helping her become a writer.

Their story haunted Alvarez, whose own family had fled the Dominican Republic just three months earlier in fear that her father's participation in the resistance would make him a target of Trujillo.

The novel is both an homage to the bravery and sacrifice of the Mirabal family and a literary work of high grace.

Julia Alvarez is a novelist, poet, essayist, National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellow, and cofounder with her husband of a coffee farm and literacy center in the Dominican Republic, her home until she was ten.

In the first 13 years of her adult life, she had over 15 addresses: she taught children in Kentucky, bilingual students in Delaware, and senior citizens in New Hampshire.As she explains, “Not understanding the language, I had to pay close attention to each word—great training for a writer.I also discovered the welcoming world of the imagination and books.” After high school, Alvarez earned her bachelor's degree from Middlebury College, and her master's degree in creative writing from Syracuse University.JR: What is is a book that helped me understand my country's story and my parents' story.It was a book that I had to write, because it was a debt that I owed.They were calling us names, telling us to go back to where we came from. And in a way that was really the hardest moment up to then in my life, because I knew that we couldn't go back, yet I didn't want to stay here.But thank goodness that I had a good sixth grade teacher and that I found the public library, because they put books in my hand and I discovered that there were worlds I could enter where everybody was welcome.Fearing for their safety, the Alvarezes fled back to the United States.Just three months later, the Mirabal sisters—founders of the underground—were murdered.Although Julia Alvarez was born in New York City, her family moved back to the Dominican Republic when she was only three months old.The family was relatively wealthy and lived comfortably until 1960, when authorities discovered that Alvarez's father belonged to an underground effort to overthrow Trujillo's regime.


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