Immigrant Assimilation Essay

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For those who come from cultures defined by man's relationship to God — even when the state religion is not their own — conforming to the anti-metaphysical philosophy that implicitly informs everyday life in the modern West can be a bridge too far.It is merely to shed light on the immigrant experience in a way that might lead to a better understanding of the larger struggle to find identity and meaning in the modern, secular West. " Most likely, he'll find the answers to those questions in the institutions and relationships that connect him with other people and (in many cases) with his God.IDENTITY UNDER CONSTRUCTION Every person at some point in his life will ask the big questions for himself: "Who am I? He'll find his identity and purpose in the roles he plays in these different relationships and in the responsibilities those roles demand of him.Many do not wish to become American at all, and would gladly return to their homelands if only they could live there in safety.One of the most difficult barriers to assimilation is religiosity.Without them it's hard, if not impossible, to answer the big questions.Just as each individual is defined by these attachments and his own history, and each family has its own identity with its own rules, history, and traditions, so every nation has its own identity.Such charges are deeply wrongheaded and damaging to the public discourse; there is real evil in racism, and it is counterproductive to pretend it is the same as the mere recognition of difference.Western society has forgotten that such distinctions are at the root of human identity.As an immigrant, I have felt acutely the identity crisis that comes from being a speck in a global system, untethered from any nation or people, and I know how intimately this experience is connected to a metaphysical understanding of the world.To see this is not to argue for one particular immigration policy over another.


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