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[5]Significantly reducing immigration would open up jobs for Americans, who need them during this time of high unemployment and slow job growth.

[5]Significantly reducing immigration would open up jobs for Americans, who need them during this time of high unemployment and slow job growth.It would increase the incentive for American companies to hire recent college graduates, who are justifiably nervous about their career prospects in the current economy, and to retrain and hire older and disabled workers, who often have a hard time finding work.Barack Obama’s re-election as President has concentrated politicians’ attention on the growing importance of the Hispanic vote.

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Reducing immigration among low-skilled and poorly educated immigrants would improve the economic prospects of less-skilled, less-well-educated Americans: a matter of justice and fair treatment for them, and a crucial tool to reduce economic inequality in the United States as a whole. New job vacancies should be filled primarily by training U. citizens, or by bidding up wages and salaries and ensuring that working conditions are reasonable and safe, so that citizens will apply for them—not by importing workers from other countries. Rework trade and foreign aid policies to improve conditions for people in our major immigration sender countries.

Whether policymakers settle on a lower number or a higher one, PFIR believes that the total number of immigrants allowed into the U. annually must come down substantially, in order to create a more just and a truly sustainable society. By helping other countries address some of the “push factors” driving emigration, we can reduce the need for people to emigrate: a win-win solution for everyone involved.

And crucially, it includes future generations of Americans, who deserve to inherit a society with at least as much opportunity, stability and ecological health as we have inherited from our forebears.

By we mean conserving sufficient natural resources for future human generations to live good lives, and not forcing them to live on polluted, degraded, overcrowded, or otherwise diminished landscapes.

It is past time to reverse this trend that is undermining both our democracy and the well-being of our citizens.

Particular attention should be paid to the economic status of low-income Americans, who have garnered little of the fruits of economic growth in recent decades, and young people entering the job market for the first time, who suffer disproportionately from unemployment and economic insecurity. Commission on Immigration Reform (i.e., the Jordan Commission) noted, a credible immigration policy depends on enforcing immigration laws.

This means immigrants and would-be immigrants, who deserve to be treated humanely and with respect.

It also includes American workers, who can reasonably demand that their government enact policies in their economic interest.

Reduce annual immigration into the United States from its current 1.2 million to between 300,000 and 550,000 people.300,000 is the number implied by the policy proposals of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1996. As the President’s Council on Sustainable Development put it: “Managing population growth, resources, and wastes is essential to ensuring that the total impact of these factors is within the bounds of sustainability.

Stabilizing the population without changing consumption and waste production patterns would not be enough, but it would make an immensely challenging task more manageable.


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