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If you can’t find an effective way to fit all of your supporting facts into the required short essay length, use other examples.Some topics require a lot of space for their explanation, and that’s why you should stay away from the subjects that require many supporting facts. It’s an important part of your short essay where you reflect on the chosen subject to show instructors how you think critically and present strong arguments. Answer a particular assignment prompt and follow its instructions.

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For some college students, a short essay is more difficult than long written assignments because they don’t have enough space to clarify and explain all thoughts.

Include only the information necessary to make your point.

However, Mc Donald’s can economize through a new business model.

The company understands that many consumers prefer the businesses that practice sustainable habits and it reflects these views to attract more visitors to its restaurants and increase potential profits. People who have similar environmental concerns will consider this move a good thing and they will go to Mc Donald’s regularly for this reason.

If your essay is longer than the assigned word count, read it attentively and highlight every essential thought. Pay attention to all kinds of extraneous words that you can delete without affecting the meaning of your arguments or thoughts.

If you can’t find a good way to make your essay short, try making a necessity test because it helps even in the most difficult situations. Determine whether your argument is weak without it.

To make a strong thesis statement, which is one concise sentence in the introduction, make sure that it’s all-encapsulating and interesting because you don’t have any place for nonsense.

Take into account the complexity of your subject and look for the topics that have enough room to elaborate on them. Keep it short and limit supporting details because you need enough room in your short essay for introspection, which is quite an important part.

This might not include issues of health care spending or the life of children, but it will definitely include problems faced by the Soviet economy after World War II killed millions of its men.

In other words, make sure your research is focused not just around a coherent and specific topic, but that you know what will impinge upon it directly and which only indirectly.


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