How To Write A Research Paper On A Disease

Papers that provide confirmatory evidence or merely extend observations firmly established in one species or field site to another will not be accepted unless there are strong reasons for doing so.

Members of the Editorial Board and other appropriate experts will referee the papers.

Editors handling papers will independently make decisions on acceptance, revision, resubmission or rejection based on the referees’ reports.

The Editor-in-Chief or Section Editors will reject papers that are outside the scope of the journal, lack significance or which they believe do not meet the required standards Authors who feel that there are substantial grounds for disagreement with an Editor’s decision should contact the Chief Editor, whose decision will be final.

Professional e-mail addresses must be provided, if available, rather than private e-mail addresses.

The Editors retain the right to use their discretion to select reviewers they deem appropriate, which may or may not include those nominated by authors.The editor will summarize the key points of the reviewers’ comments and relay them to the authors.Manuscripts may be returned to authors for modification of the scientific content and/or for shortening and language corrections.A source file is required with text and tables (.doc, or format, but not .pdf).The author's response to the comments from the Editor and referees must be provided in a cover letter, as well as a clear indication of the changes that have been made to the manuscript.Experimental translational applications in vaccine research, therapeutics, probiotics, pathogen typing or diagnostics are also welcome. All submitted research papers should be complete in themselves and adequately supported by experimental detail; they should not be preliminary versions of communications to be published elsewhere.Papers are expected to have findings that are novel, innovative, of significance and/or present new hypotheses; descriptions of new methods are acceptable.Authors must also upload a file as a supporting document in which original and revised text are compared using the ‘Track Changes’ facility.Figures should be uploaded in separate files and at sufficient resolution (see section on Preparation of data).Manuscripts may also be sent out for statistical review.The average time from submission to first decision is 35 days.


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