How To Start A Hair Salon Business Plan

Some salons offer commissions; other salons lease space to stylists.Flesh out every intricate detail of your finances including what loans you need and how you intend to secure the loans.

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Yes, you should have a passion for hair styling or the basics of hair in general.

But you’ll also need to learn about the business, the operations, and things behind the scenes.

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Are you an experienced hair stylist, hairdresser, or hair salon manager?

The best way to understand how a salon works is to work in one.

You have to learn, analyze, and answer the following aspects of running a hair salon: The list goes on and on.

Use it to lure investors, potential customers and clients.

Write an outline setting forth the major sections in all business plans.

Include supporting documents, such as your prior income tax returns, copies of business licenses and your resume.

Conduct research to help you fill out the sections and subsections for your business plan. Study the marketing campaigns in your area including which salons advertise on television, which use billboards and which ones do not really advertise at all.


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