How To Solve A Long Division Problem

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That's-- We subtract at that stage, either case.

Or if you divided them into groups of 86, you would get 4 groups.

But then there's a remainder of 2, but I wrote the 2 in the tens place.

So really what we said is 4 goes into 340 eighty times. I didn't want to make that line there look like a-- when I was dividing the columns --to look like a 1. Because I didn't want to just divide into 340.

So let's say I want to divide-- I am looking to divide 3 into 43.

And, once again, this is larger than 3 times 10 or 3 times 12.

To write this down in long division format it looks like this: Let's try a fairly simple example: 187 ÷ 11 = ?

1) First step is to put the problem into long division format: 2) The second step is to determine the smallest number to the left of the dividend, in this case 187, that can be divided by 11.

And then you say 7 goes into 21-- Well you know that.

And I won't take that little break to explain the places and all of that. I want, at least, you to get the process down really really well in this video.


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