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This is a sole proprietorship business and will have its operations centered around the ever busy business districts due to its high foot traffic.Hot Dog Express will be providing services to clients cutting across all segments of society with our premium products and services.

I'm in Uni and ive been thinking about gettingg a vendors lisence and getting a hotdog cart and paying some employees to run it.

In total the initial investment is about $5k at the very minimum which i can afford. Plus it's not a huge time or money investment for me so I really like this idea. I feel like I'm thinking too small mindedly on this.

Target Market Our target market includes a wide range of targets/clients which we seek to service.

These include tourists, students, corporate executives, sports personalities among several other target clients.

Financial Plan From our analysis, based on the sale of our products, which include hot dogs, snacks and drinks, we have a projected yearly income of $150,000 and a yearly expenditure (which includes expenses like uniforms, insurance, business and health licenses, equipment, losses incurred through spoilage etc.) of $50,000.

Marketing and Sales Strategy We will be hiring the services of marketing experts who will oversee the smooth running of our business and ensure that we effectively market and increase the sales of our products.If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place as this article will be focusing on the vital compositions a good plan should contain.Here is a free business plan for starting a hot dog cart business.Market Analysis/Trends Because of the changing nature of schedules within our society where people have little or no time at all to take care of themselves, we have discovered that this needs to be exploited.Although there are thousands of competitors in this line of business, we will be offering on-the-move services, targeting densely populated areas, and also attending events such as sports events to provide our services to those who may be in need of our catering services.Startup Funding Hot Dog Express will be funded partly through savings which have been set aside for this purpose to the tune of 0,000.However, the rest of the funding will come through debt servicing.Who knows, you could eventually have a few hot dog stands around your city that are successful. Now he has about 15 stands and 6 brick and mortars.And then once your out of uni you could advertise what a good business it was for you when you were a student, and rent the stands out to current students. They set up at every kids sporting event and near the beaches. Also, a hotdog stand and the employment, accounting, insurance, business licensing, taxes, etc.Our Products and Services Our hot dog cart business provides the following products and services to our esteemed clients; the sale of water, and drinks which include Coke, among other drinks.Also, we will be having snacks among the list of items on our menu and of course hot dogs.


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