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Popular trends that we’ve seen are barely-clothed women eating hamburgers, scantily clad women eating Doritos and stereotypical women caring for their husbands while the boys relax and watch the game.

We’d like to give a nod to our client, Ivy Citizens, who deplored the Pink it and Shrink it trend and started a great athleisure company for girls and women who are defined only by their own power.

These same trends have been around for decades, but when does will they stop?

And now, Forever 21 just recently pulled its boys’ shirts with appalling slogans such as: Another popular and sexist trend in commercials and print advertisements is the stereotyping of women as the ones who do the laundry, do the cleaning and take care of the kids.

Stereotypical ads have been around forever, but just recently LG Canada came out with their own marketing campaign geared toward women.

Traffic lights and vehicle headlights were fitted with slotted covers to deflect the beam down to the floor.

See picture What effect did the Blackout have on people's lives ? The number of road accidents increased because of the lack of street lighting and the dimmed traffic lights.

If you see one that says “most likely to be awesome,” throw it on custom gear for your whole staff!

Whether you’re watching a commercial, walking through a clothing store or walking down a busy city street, you may have caught your eye on an advertisement or slogan that rubbed you the wrong way.

These advertisements and commercials are hurtful, degrading and disrespectful to women, and no company should use these terrible marketing techniques again.

What do you think is the most sexist campaign you’ve seen?


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