Holocaust Topics For Research Paper

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Here, they were killed in a number of gruesome ways, including being shot, starved, overworked or placed in gas chambers.

All together, counting both Jewish and non-Jewish victims, about 11 million people were murdered, and, although there are no actual statistics on escape, the chances of survival once you were caught were very slim.

Millions of Jews were forcibly taken from their homes, separated from their families and placed in camps.

Many Jews attempted to escape or hide when they realized they were being targeted.

Though disturbing, as a research paper topic, this allows students to understand the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust.

Hitler’s main goal during the Holocaust was to exterminate the Jewish race.

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Hitler began the Holocaust in order to rid the world of races of people he believed were not fit to live.

He performed this terrible task by gathering these people in camps, called concentration or death camps.


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