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Moreover, it discouraged people from seeking care, practicing safe sex, and getting a diagnosis.

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The rate of infection was rapidly increasing and more people were getting infected and dead from AIDS.

Other target groups should be drug users, who use needles, men, who were HIV positive, sex workers, migrant and transport workers, and sexually active youth.

HIV/AIDS spread among the people, who lived in poverty and lacked access to education, nutrition, clean water, and basic health services.

Most people, who died, were between the ages of twenty to forty five, and were parents or workers.

Communication played an important role, since it disseminated messages that spread the knowledge to reduce risk behavior and prevented social stigma.

HIV/AIDS campaign program created awareness through programs that educated people on prevention that directed towards the use of intravenous needles and change in the sexual practices.

Those are the only ways that that the virus can be contacted through other people.

This disease works by attacking a person's immune system, mainly the white blood cells (CD4 cells).

The second type is HIV-2, which is found mostly in West Africa.

People can get this disease three ways: having intercourse with an infected person, sharing needles with an infected person (or contact with an infected person's blood on an open wound), and transfer of the virus from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, childbirth, or through breast-feeding.


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