Happy Endings Short Story Essay

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This also goes for my friends, whom I've known my whole life as well.We slow our pace as we reach the end of the trail which stops just a few yards from the parking lot that led to the one small mall we have here in Bayview.As I was sitting on those little benches that had the slanting mirrors on each end, trying on the millionth pair of shoes Samantha had brought me, a strange feeling came over me.

Sure in some cases people can guess the middle of a story from the ending, if they find someone died in an electric chair they can assume he committed a crime.

The main theme in most literature that divides it from the rest of the stories is that literature tries to make a specific point, and in doing so forces the reader to think about the point that the author is trying to make.

In this way it is easy to decide what is literature and what is not, if at the end of a story if the reader’s only thought is “Gee, what a nice story” then it is most definitely not literature, but if instead if the thought is more along the lines of “The author said A, B and C but were they really trying to make a point about D? Although even this test has it’s holes because literature for one person is just a nice story for someone else.

According to Atwood, all the whats are just the plot, one thing that happens after another, however the how and the whys are what really make a story more than a story.

This is the important part, the hows and the whys are what makes a story literature with out them it makes no difference if the prose is expertly laid out or not it is all still a story nothing more.


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