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Aristotle also believed in heroes that are "First and foremost good (Aristotle 51)." Although Hamlet spends much time deliberating good and evil, and what the greatest good is, when it comes time, he cannot act.Laertes does act, but he acts rashly, and cannot perform good either.

Aristotle also believed in heroes that are "First and foremost good (Aristotle 51)." Although Hamlet spends much time deliberating good and evil, and what the greatest good is, when it comes time, he cannot act.

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Shakespeare's character's in Hamlet illustrate the theme of the drama, however Aristotle would have disagreed with Shakespeare's choices.

To understand character in terms of theme one must compare the characters.

Samuel Johnson calls Hamlet "through the whole piece an instrument rather than an agent".

This is giving too much credence to the soliloquies, when Hamlet ponders, and gives too little credence to the fact that he sent Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to their deaths without hesitating, and the fact that he was the first on the pirate ship when attacked on the high seas.

This is significant because if he were to have achieved his revenge at that point, Claudius' soul may have been clean.

Hamlet wishes to get revenge when Claudius' "Soul may be damned and black / As hell, whereto it goes (Shakespeare 3, 3, 94 - 5).

Fortinbras is the type of hero that Aristotle would have preferred, although from Fortinbras' point of view the play is not tragic; instead it is a comedy where all of the other characters run about and in the end through no fault of his own, Fortinbras receives the kingship of Denmark.

The plot events with which Aristotle disagrees give meaning to Hamlet's theme.

These two characters are the only ones who survive.

The rest of the characters are left dead and bleeding.


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