Good Customer Care Essay

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Therefore, management should ensure excellent customer service is provided across all departments within the organization.

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Customer service should come into play long before any problems or issues arise. For example, you can offer manuals for products that you sell, include troubleshooting tips on your website, offer a FAQ section and make sure that customer service contacts are prominently available for online and real world customers.

Make yourself or your employees available to answer questions and help lead customers to the products or services that best fit their needs.

Customer service sets great businesses apart from the rest. Keeping those customers happy means being responsive to their needs and wants.

A good customer service experience can turn a one-time customer into a lifelong repeat customer. Excellent customer service can turn into positive word of mouth.

Keep prices reasonable so that customers feel they are getting a good value.

Excellent customer service starts with the business owner, but involves all of the employees in an organization.No matter how great your customer service is, at some point you will have to deal with an unsatisfied customer.The way you handle the situation tells a lot about your business.External customers on the other hand are the consumers of an organization’s goods or services, and they are the ultimate drivers of a business.An organization with inadequate customer service is not as competitive as the one with high service quality, primarily because of customer dissatisfaction.Developing an effective strategy to create and maintain internal and external customer satisfaction will create a competitive advantage for a business.An organization’s customers are categorized into two groups: Internal and external customers.For instance, after buying a refrigerator from Deo Deo in 2010, I was contacted at least five different times by customer service to assess my overall satisfaction.When my friend bought a new SUV, the dealer gave him a lifetime membership with perks and an awesome presentation that included a champagne celebration.This type of customer service is imbedded within Japan’s culture, and it’s probably the main reason why the Japanese tend to be loyal customers.A focus on internal and external customer service is paramount to the longevity of an organization in competitive business markets.


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