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If a and b are supposed to be in golden ratio, and if they are considered as the arms of a rectangle, then the produced shapes appear to be a harmonious relation.Though the ratios are slightly unequal, Abraham De Moivre shows that the ratios tend to a certain limit.In modern mathematical science, the Fibonacci sequence is defined as following: Fn = Fn-1 Fn-2 where the values of the seeds are: F0 = 0, F1=1. The Fibonacci sequence appears to be very fruitful in different branches of science and mathematics.

If a and b are supposed to be in golden ratio, and if they are considered as the arms of a rectangle, then the produced shapes appear to be a harmonious relation.

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In fact, the ratio of golden ratio is about 2500 years.

From the ancient time, golden ratio has been a dominant theme in arts and architectures.

For example, 2 and 3 tends to fulfill the rule of golden ratio.

The ratio of 5 and 3 does not equal to the ratio of 3 and 2.

In this sequence, each of the numbers is “the sum of the two preceding numbers,” ().

Fibonacci did not mention the first member, 0, in his book.

Before we can begin to discuss the application of the golden ratio we must examine how we translate "a b is to a as a is to b" into the real, usable number 1.6.

Phi is an irrational number, so it's impossible to calculate exactly, but we can calculate a close approximation. Rearranging yields the quadratic equation φ2-φ-1=0. Therefore via previous knowledge of the general form of a quadratic equation (ax2 bx c=0) we can extrapolate the following values for our phi equation: a=1, b=-1, c=-1.

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