Goals In Life Essay

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Thus, they get pushed into situations that they never once thought that they would ever have to be in.

The reason being is, instead of thinker of the future, they have decided to live in the present.

First and foremost, Locke’s Theory of Goal-Setting puts intentions squarely at the center of our behavior (Locke, 1968).

The act of setting goals and the thought we put into crafting them directs our attention to the of our aspirations.

Just like in high school, I would be lost and I would not be very successful in life.

If I want to be successful and become what I want to become, which happens to be a cinematographer, I need to have a plan and a vision for the future.As a professional career, many things can dictate my future in film.This includes the way I plan, the way I handle goals, and everything in between.I spend much of my time questioning how good my grades are and how I can plan ahead and set benchmarks for making better grades.Sometimes my goals for academics include reading more, studying more, learning to be more calm, and even find ways I can do things more efficiently and effectively.There’s no single psychological definition for them, and they aren’t strictly a clinical construct, but they help us determine what we want to experience in terms of our values.And because they are personal ambitions, they can take many different forms.I am forced to pay more attention to what is required of me to become who and what I need to be.On a small scale, my academic goals are mostly based around my grade.This is exactly the same type of situation that I want to avoid, not only in high school, but in life.I make it a goal of min daily to realize that I need a plan for my future. Think of how ridiculous it would be if I decided not to think ahead and take a map with me while I was on my way to Springfield, Illinois.


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