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Adopt the side on which you have more points as your opinion.

Recognize, dissect, and master every question type you'll face on the test.

Everything you need, all in one place, including 100 realistic practice questions.

These should be ideas which you think make sense, relate to the topic and support your point of view reasonably well. Sometimes the ideas may all reflect historic events that took place in a definite time sequence. The most emphatic parts of any essay the parts that the reader is most likely to remember or be impressed with - are the beginning and the end.

Put a check mark next to those ideas so that you spot them easily when you start composing your essay. : Begin the essay with a brief introductory paragraph that sets forth your point of view clearly and, if you like, also suggests the nature of the ideas you will be using to defend it.

He has also created explanations for problems in The Official Guide, as well as 1,800 practice GMAT math questions.

Total GMAT Verbal The comprehensive guide to the GMAT Verbal section.

What’s needed is that you should write a cogent and logical essay supporting your opinion.

Then look at your notes and pick the three or four ideas you like best. One idea may be the fountainhead of all others and therefore should clearly come first.

The thirty minutes you are allowed to write the essay is not a long time and no one is capable of writing a profound, thoroughly developed, well-crafted and technically perfect essay in just half an hour.

And your essay need not have all these qualities to earn you a high score of 5, 5.5 or 6.


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