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All in all, be detailed, be adventurous and enjoy it! My coursework was 2 A3 display portfolios overall just to give you an idea. I think the coursework is out of something like 105, and you need to get around 80 I think in order to get the A*.I know the coursework can be hard going but there is something really satisfying about having a well made final product with an in-depth portfolio to back it up. As for the exam, you do two papers(eah one is out of 50).Waste time in class when they should be working Fail to complete work at home for Homework or during holidays.

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I mean for about 2 months we have been doing coursewrok writing up stuff like questionnairs, analysing the brief etc...For example, try 3/4/5 different types of adhesive when deciding how to put the box together or if you are having it folded in such a way that it stays together without glue, try different folding methods and ensure to stress the positive environmental aspect of not using adhesives. My teacher, bless her, was having a tough time as her husband was struggling with a heart condition so we had to pretty much do the project all by ourselves - so I can see why you are asking for advice.We were left with about a week for evaluation, although I was the only one to finish on the deadline, so many had less time than that.x Hey =) Although I only got a B overall (Must have bombed in the test x D) I got a high A in my coursework...really the actual product needs to be sharp and clean (Obvious you'd think but...) and ask you're teacher to review you're folder and tell you were you have gaps that need filling... Although I did a different project (most people made perfume boxes in my class, and I made a home-donation charity box, point of sale display for leaflets and wristbands, plus the leaflets), I have a few tips.Firstly, ensure you go into detail about even the little things, linking everything back to your target market and purpose.Eg, the font used, the safety information regarding the activity (where it is placed, font, size, etc etc), colours, themes, etc etc.Secondly, try to use or at least test different materials in your experimentation stages.is anyone taking graphics this year and submiting 2 folders, with an A grade predicted? My coursework was 2 A3 display portfolios overall just to give you an idea. The actual quality of the final product isnt all that important, its the folder.And to whoever said when do you start coursework, we started it the beginning of year 11 and then we were pushed for time. Is that when i test and make my model and how come photos will only count here?This instructable and the attached pdf file show in a simple step by step approach how to achieve good results in the UK GCSE Technology exam.It is specifically aimed at product design but applies to all technology exams.


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