Gambling Research Paper

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We can test the efficacy of new treatments in a clinical setting in real time.

This integration means we can roll out the best new strategies to the broader community as quickly as possible.

Training does, however, increase staff members knowledge of what signs of problem gambling look like and, therefore, increase their ability to identify customers who might be at risk.

The GTRC is working with RG and Clubs NSW to capitalise on the strengths of existing staff training programs and teach enhanced skills to proactively intervene with customers showing potential warning signs. Description: Problematic risk-taking behaviours, such as gambling, gaming, aggression, cyber-bullying, sexual behaviours, impulsive behaviours, and risky self-disclosure, are broad-ranging and come at significant social and economic cost to communities.

The chaplains are shown to provide practical and emotional support to club patrons.

Chaplains additionally act as an effective intermediary to assist staff members in helping customers showing signs of distress.This research adds to existing literature on responsible gambling and venue cultures and has informed an upcoming GTRC project on gaming venue staff training.Funding: Clubs NSW Researchers: Dylan Pickering, Brittany Keen and Prof. Project description: The 2016-17 National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) annual research grant, awarded to Dylan Pickering, Brittany Keen, and Alex Blaszczynski, was completed on November 1.We will be trialling it with adolescents and young poker-machine gamblers in NSW clubs. Not currently allowed in Australia, these are available in some U. jurisdictions and aim at attracting a new market, including younger players that enjoy playing video and online games. This research aims to understand which types of digital and non-digital interventions are likely to reduce harmful behaviours.Research is underway including an online survey of U. This collaboration involves examining data to identify indicators of potentially risky gambling and evaluate interventions to enhance financial well-being.Our research is fully integrated with our Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic, where we provide real help to more than 550 people with gambling problems each year.This community cohort allows us to trial new, state-of-the-art treatments and prevention strategies to the people who need them most.Our multi-disciplinary collaboration will draw together perspectives from clinical psychology, public health, ethics, economics, social sciences (e.g., media and technology), neuroscience, and psychiatry for a comprehensive understanding at both the conceptual and applied levels of problematic risk-taking behaviours and decision-making involving emerging technologies.On the conceptual level, we will define problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies in terms of its social determinants, associated harms, and outcomes.We strive to better understand the psychology of gambling and minimise gambling-related harms in the community.We collaborate with consumers, industry partners, government and NGOs to apply our research in the real world.


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