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It completely foregrounded the reader’s subjectivity with the text.On the other hand, CG Jung contested the Freud’s approach, leading an archetypal criticism.

It completely foregrounded the reader’s subjectivity with the text.On the other hand, CG Jung contested the Freud’s approach, leading an archetypal criticism.Psychoanalysis uses ‘defense mechanism’ as a neologism that elaborates psychic procedures a human uses to avoid painful admission.

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Freud called it ‘Repression’ and considered it essential for the operation of the unconscious mind.

Hebert Marcuse further developed this idea and showed his consistent interest in the literary studies related to repression and its effects and linked it with sexuality.

There is another similar process Freud termed as ‘Sublimation’ that refers to the promotion of repressed material into something noble, disguised or grander.

For example, a man can use the sublimated expression for his sexual urges by taking benefits from religious longings.

The phenomena that dreams can allow psychic explorations, or make a connection between dreams and literary works, lead us to the philosophy of-of Sigmund Freud.

A renowned Australian psychoanalyst, famous for his great deal of research on Psychoanalytic criticism, published an essay Freud’s theory to some extent was able to bridge literary work and dreams. Many critics, who agree with Freud’s theory, believe that whether you have read Freud’s philosophy or not, everyone is Freudians in one way or other.

According to archetype definition, the main focus of literary criticism is not the readers or writers personal psychology.

It typically represents a relationship between collective unconscious myths, thoughts, desires, image and past archetype culture.

It focuses on three main phases to pursue literary criticism including the author (his or her subjectivity), text and reader.

The psychoanalytical theory considers the literary text as ‘Artist Symptoms’ in which both author and text established a relationship, which is synonymous with a relationship between dreams and dreamers.


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