Frederick Taylor'S Scientific Management Essay

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People have been managing work for hundreds of years, and we can trace formal management ideas to the 1700s.

But the most significant developments in management theory emerged in the 20th century.

Where Taylorism separates manual from mental work, modern productivity enhancement practices seek to incorporate worker's ideas, experience and knowledge into best practice.

Scientific management in its pure form focuses too much on the mechanics, and fails to value the people side of work, whereby motivation and workplace satisfaction are key elements in an efficient and productive organization.

) What's more, front line workers need to show this sort of flexibility in a rapidly-changing environment.

Rigid, rules-driven organizations really struggle to adapt in these situations.

With bricklayers, he experimented with the various motions required and developed an efficient way to lay bricks.

And he applied the scientific method to study the optimal way to do any type of workplace task.

These were the people whom managers should seek to hire where possible.

Therefore, selecting the right people for the job was another important part of workplace efficiency.


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