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What is important, in our book we provide contextual learning – we give examples and pictures for even better results.

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Is your thesis appropriate for the length of your paper? Also see Using Transitions Your body paragraphs are where you make your argument. Your paragraphs must be arranged to logically flow from one idea to the next (think chronological order; what do we need to know next? Is each topic sentence followed by a discussion (in your own words) of the argument?

(Note that a reader should be able to read your thesis and your topic sentences and have a clear idea of your argument.)3.

The uncollected garbage has attracted not only flies and mosquitoes but also wild dogs which had attacked the residents on several occasions.

These stray animals also scatter the rubbish and make the roads dirty and smelly.

If you ask a friend to read your essay and they are struggling to report your views back to you, then you know that you have been unsuccessful.

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This is possibly because you have too many complicated and irrelevant sentences or that your ideas were not well thought out.An essay is simply a piece of writing that's put together for a particular purpose. Is your thesis more than just a statement of your topic? Writing an essay can be intimidating, especially if you are new to the language. Is the last sentence of your first paragraph your thesis? Does your thesis identify the specific position you will take in your paper? This website contains many useful expressions and ideas which even most native speakers would struggle to write.I highly recommend you read a few of these articles whilst underlining or copying down expressions and ideas to use in your own writing.However, regardless of which career path you follow, at some point you are going to need to write essays. See introductory paragraphs tips See Details for Thesis Statement Your thesis must be a claim that can be argued (it cannot be -the world is round" or something that is already established) it 's a statement of your opinion. Does your thesis represent a specific arguable position? Most essays are formal writings and follow certain rules and structure. It’s very specific and precise, and it provides the easiest explanations of new vocabulary.It is made to be simple, entertaining, and suitable for candidates with different learning habits.Good essays, essay writing, essay examples, essay topics & essay guide.Improve your writing skill and become an effective writer.


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