Fine Art Photography Essay

Fine Art Photography Essay-17
Art, in a strict sense, can simply not exist without conscious creation.

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It is here where both skill and a certain mindset play important parts.

During one of my workshops in the forest this autumn, a student walked up to me saying: “I don’t see it (any art in the forest).

Thus, at least according to some scholars, attention is the by-product of this organ in the central brain.

The potential of seeing art in any given landscape is raised by accepting this filter, rather than trying to disable it. “All I see are heaps of deadwood and stripes of trees”.

While I’d like to teach you today about conscious creation, registration is the inherent nature of photography.

But the way we modify and modulate light before it hits the sensor, as well as the entire process after it, is all up to us and not the camera manufacturer.It helps us to navigate the physical world without getting an information overload about things that do not matter at a given time.The thalamus prevents us from paying attention to trivial details and in doing so, prevents us from getting hurt.A spider had spun a web that glittered brilliantly in the soft morning light.As he fastened his tripod and waited a pre-calculated 1/30th of a second for the exposure to complete, he wondered what the picture would look like.Because of this, I’m always looking through the viewfinder as if I’m on the hunt for those mystical fantasy scenes.It was a frustrating period with years of futile attempts to break down the filter.And he was blown away by the miniature world that appeared on the screen.It’s the way the magenta tones popped and how the light, coming from the top right of the frame, bounced off the spider’s web to diffract in every color of the rainbow.It wasn't until a lonesome drive home at night when I realized that his story about the photo didn't contain a single mention of conscious creation apart from the fastening of his tripod...Of course I can’t stress enough that there is nothing wrong with the man’s picture.


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