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The French had missed years of films that vented the overall mood of people in the United States.

People were not certain about the future and where it would take them.

Film Noir was a term coined by French movie critic Nino Frank in 1946, which meant “black film”.

The dark and unethical plotlines were noticed by all who went to see one of these films. We use expressions with the word “black” as an adjective to usually describe something as being bad or depressing.

The first book published on Film Noir was written in 1955 by Raymond Borde and Etienne Chaumeton called Panorama du Film Noir Americain, which examines the cultural traits of this new series of films.

In the book, they try and figure out the actual origin of Film Noir.

They vehemently deny Marc Vernet’s outlook that states that Film Noir was really a European form of plot that used American Actors.

Borde and Chaumeton agree that whatever actual origin of film noir really is, the first movies were made by American moviemakers in America.

German directors had no problem making the transition in to American film.

There were those who did fear that there was too much of a German influence in American film, but the German filmmakers who fled Nazi Germany did not consider their movies to be German.


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