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The Romantic movement originated in Germany but spread to other European countries, England and France in particular. Civil War (1861-1865) assigned topics to famous essay writers of that time, and it was the period when optimism had given its way to exhaustion. People knew quotes from famous writers by heart, as their words resonated with contemporary moods, and they knew how to write an essay that would work.

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Historical figures such as Nelson Mandela with his writings provided American essayists with food for thoughts too.

Who are the writers able to influence your mindset and help you understand the outside world through the lens of historical events? Here comes the comprehensive list of famous essay writers’ best works for you to read, learn, and refer in your college assignments.

Needless to say, they expressed such moods in writings.

The Great Depression (1929-1939) had an impact on young essayists, too.

Year by year, essay writers teach critical thinking and freedom of expression to young people demanding changes and self-development.

Words are their weapon, powerful enough to influence your attitude toward writing in general, and your writing assignments in particular.The triumph of independence influenced moods and literature then.The famous essay writers of that time: Known as American Renaissance, this was the era of self-expression, inspiration, and a significant role of arts for both social and individual growth.Read these famous American essay writers, and you’ll reveal the secret of awesomeness: clear thoughts expressed with power words.The more you read, the better you write, after all.Have you ever thought how famous essay writers could influence you?To be specific, how could their writings make you awesome?Writings of that time are of a big value today, as they help us understand life models and moods of postwar Americans.A hallmark of the period was verbal genres’ emerging and boom.They talked about arts, self-awareness, the unity of self and nature, and a human mission in this world. Some of the famous essay writers then were: The stark reality of life: Romantic moods can’t take ages. The most known names of that time are: These words of the well-known novelist and art collector define writers of that time in the best way possible.Disillusioned with wars and life values they had, Faulkner, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and other best-known representatives of their generation hated aristocrats and craved for recognition.


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