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The above analysis indicates that Facebook is a social engineering site that defies the constraints of border, language , cultural, social ties and economic disparities and that it promotes interconnectedness among global users.On the other hand, whereas social interconnectedness may sound like an excellent idea, the fact remains that, the shortcomings which will be discussed herein, outweighs the benefits of social connection.

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Initially, the then called ‘thefacebook.com’ integrated several social networking applications that enabled its users to add friends, comment on friends’ profiles, and send messages, update own profile status among other myriad social connectedness functions (Carlson, 2010).

Despite numerous hurdles along the way, Facebook has been positively embraced across the world, thus increasing its usage and popularity.

Apparently, the status update and newsfeed application permits individuals to follow up on what is happening to their friends regardless of the spatial distance between them (Facebook, 2011).

Most importantly, seven years down the line, Facebook is still living up to its mission of opening up the world up by facilitating connectedness and online interactions.

However, although this positive aspect might look highly attractive, the recent crime report makes the entire argument ineffectual.

According to (Milsom, 2010), with the rising popularity of social networking sites, the rate of crime associated with this site has also increased at unprecedented levels.Following its huge membership base, most businesses are utilizing this platform to market their products and services to the myriad users (Carlson, 2010).Given the magnitude of attention that Facebook has received across the world, my opinion that, it ought to be banned might sound like a big joke.Moreover, over half of these users log on to the site each day as they interact with various applications.Furthermore, an average user connects with his/her friends via the various applications such groups, events and community pages and most active users have access to an average of 80 such pages.Currently, Facebook membership stands at more than 500million users monthly and the number keeps growing each day.However, looking back seven years ago, Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of creating a social networking platform for his college mates would appear insignificant as compared to the gigantic social networking site being witnessed today.The author underscores that, Facebook photo applications have facilitated Facebook popularity whereby users can upload and share an unlimited number of photos.Contrastingly, Facebook has also overgrown its initial social networking idea to encompass other diverse roles.For the last five years or so, social networking sites have escalated both in numbers and popularity as millions register at these sites for various reasons.Consequently, several sites have materialized such as My Space, Twitter, and Facebook, each with its own slant and users’ appeal.


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