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You can use the list above to help you brainstorm duties and tasks for the Work Experiences section of your resume (more on that – and our tip to reframe tasks as achievements – soon).

Date: Name and Address: of the Applicant Name and Address: of Company Job Title: Subject: Application for the Position of Administrative Assistant Dear Mr. Last name, I am writing to you in response to the job position that is available in your organization for the position of Administrative assistant.

I came to know of this position through [XYZ] website listing.

If you're applying to jobs that require an executive assistant cover letter, it's important to avoid mistakes that could ruin your chances.

Such errors include: After viewing the sample above, it's time to ask yourself this question: will your executive assistant cover letter make the right impression?

Your summary is where you highlight your skills and how they can bring value to the employer. See how he describes himself as ‘technologically savvy’ and ‘goal-oriented?

This lets employers know he will be able to get up to speed quickly on any special technology they use and that he’s committed to getting tasks finished.

A recent survey of more than 600 managers in the U. and Canada revealed that administrative assistants save their managers eight hours of work time each week.

The beauty of these roles is how they give you a chance to work with almost every part of a business and build relationships with colleagues across teams and departments.

Here at The Job Network, we talk a lot about how to build the perfect resume—after all, it’s your chance to show a potential employer who you are, what you do, and what you will do for them.

But although the cover letter has become somewhat controversial in recent years, with the advent of digital hiring tools and job application apps, it’s an element that you should be able to knock out of the park when you need it.


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