Euthanasia Moral Essay

They further argue that active euthanasia will only be performed at the request of a patient and without any compulsion from outside actors.

Clark (1998) asserts that if active euthanasia is allowed for terminally ill people whose plight is so desperate that compassion seems to demand that their request for assisted suicide be granted, it will invariably lead to the allowing of other unacceptable acts of euthanasia.

Today’s health care system is characterized by the absence of a close relationship between the patient and the physician.

There is therefore a risk that active euthanasia might be overused by the physicians since they have no close association with the patient.

This is a valid concern since human contact is diminishing and people are more likely to engage in inhumane actions today.

Clark reveals that people exhibit a high willingness to act inhumanely with over 60% of subjects in one study stating that they approved of “mercy killing” of the unfit if a population explosion could not be averted (252).This has caused a considerable amount of debate on the issue of active euthanasia (doctor assisted suicide) throughout the world.Advocates of active euthanasia claim that in some situations, it is not only right but also the moral thing for the physician to assist the patient to commit suicide.In active euthanasia, the physician administers a lethal injection on the patient causing him/her to die due to the lethal solution and not from natural cause.Numerous cases of terminally ill people who are in extreme pain have been used to make a case for assisted suicide.Most people have developed the view that medical professionals are only meant to heal and alleviate pain.This view helps to establish the integrity of the medical profession and create a trust in doctors by the patients.The Utilitarian ethics theory suggests that the moral action is the once that enhances the welfare of the majority.A physician uses his skills for the good of many members of the society.From a utilitarian approach, active euthanasia is therefore not moral.Aiding, abetting or assisting in the death of a person through active euthanasia is a crime in most countries and this law applies also for physicians who are handling dying patients who are suffering and asking for help in dying.


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