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Lines and dots can be used for shading in black and white documents.

Lines and dots can be used for shading in black and white documents.

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In preparing figures, communication and readability must be the ultimate criteria.

Avoid the temptation to use the special effects available in most advanced software packages.

For more information, please consult the As tables supplement the text, so should each figure.

Graphs are good at quickly conveying relationships like comparison and distribution.

For the sake of readability and simplicity, line drawings should be used, and photographs should have the highest possible contrast between the background and focal point.

Cropping, cutting out extraneous detail, can be very beneficial for a photograph.The body paragraphs are ordered logically and clearly.The first body paragraph discusses the first three years, where the patterns are fairly similar.While three-dimensional effects, shading, and layered text may look interesting to the author, overuse, inconsistent use, and misuse may distort the data, and distract or even annoy readers.Design properly done is inconspicuous, almost invisible, because it supports communication.On this page you will find a model answer for an IELTS bar chart.This chart is over time, so it uses the 'language of change'.IT was still higher overall, though it dropped slightly from 1994 to 1996.However, over the following four years, the patterns of the two components were noticeably different.Design improperly, or amateurishly, done draws the reader’s attention from the data, and makes him or her question the author’s credibility.The APA has determined specifications for the size of figures and the fonts used in them.


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