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The dichotomy of morality and immorality are correlated through the characters.

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Then the woodcutter gives a fourth account, similar in outline to the bandit’s version, but very different in detail.

The commoner remarks, “I suppose that’s supposed to be true.” The woodcutter responds, “I don’t tell lies.” Yet, of the four tellers, the woodcutter is the only one we know has lied, for he told a different tale earlier.

After a little thinking, he pulls off her kimono and runs off deciding that he had to steal to eat. The servant had served a samurai for a few years; however, due to the decline of Kyoto, was dismissed.

He abandons her naked on the stairs and disappears into the night. The hag or old woman's past is unknown, for the only information the reader has is that she is found pulling out hair from the corpses to make a wig.

His morality disappears, as he reaches out for her kimono, sending him into the lower class equal to the hag. The servant himself is transformed into one through their interaction.

hree men seek shelter from the rain under the ruined gate of the ancient city of Kyoto.By the sight of this, he cannot hold in his anger, he pulls out his sword and pushes the old woman on the ground.She told him, making wigs with the hair was keeping her alive.He sees a fire by the top of the stairs so he sneaks up and looks.There is an old woman pulling hair out of the corpses.Kurosawa, when asked by his assistants to explain his baffling script, replied, “Human beings are unable to be honest with themselves about themselves.They cannot talk about themselves without embellishing.Rashomon by Akutagawa Ryunosuke takes place at the gate called Rashomon in Kyoto.The devastated city had no time to repair the rusting gate.There is nothing to do but talk, about a topic which torments two of the wayfarers, who have just been witnesses in a police court inquiry. A notorious bandit, Tajomaru, was later found riding the dead man’s horse.The two witnesses describe the inquiry to the third man, a skeptical commoner.


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