Essays On Obesity In Australia

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Each case of obesity is unique, and therefore, the patient should undergo an individual treatment program.

In this section you will find topics connected to the causes and consequences of obesity.

It can be hard to find a good topic on obesity, which is why we have created this list.

We will be happy if one of our topics will inspire you on writing.

The report said that almost two out of three adults, and one out of four children, were overweight or obese, costing $56 billion each year.

Gary Sacks from Deakin University said Australia needed to develop a national plan to improve the population's nutrition."For a long time, Australian politicians have been doing bits and pieces here and there."[This report] shows clear actions that the Government can take now, they don't cost very much and the evidence shows that it can make a real difference."Dr Sacks said one of the barriers to introducing taxes and restrictions was the influence of the food industry."Certainly the food industry is very powerful and we know that they lobby strongly against policies that aren't in their favour," he said.The report says money raised could be invested in public health interventions.The "sugar tax" policy, which has also recently been pushed by researchers from the University of Melbourne, is opposed by the Australian Beverage Council, which disputes the claim that evidence shows it could have an impact on public health."There's a lot of evidence certainly internationally, and recently in Australia, on the sort of tactics that food industries use to get things their way."But the chief executive of the Food and Grocery Council, Gary Dawson, said there was a high cost involved in rolling out bans on advertising and taxes on food."A lot of this highly interventionist agenda has been tried to some extent in other countries and it's delivered no improvements in obesity rates," he said.Obesity and being overweight are massive issues that can be discussed from many angles.As this problem is one of the most challenging issues of public health, it should be actively discussed at schools and colleges to raise awareness about the seriousness of this problem and how to prevent it.While fat people may often be considered as soft and cheerful persons, their weight badly influences their overall health.This disease affects all age groups: children, adolescents, adults, and elderly.If you are lucky enough, and all of the people close to you are thin and slender, the problem still exists.Even the growing popularity of healthy eating and being fit cannot significantly decrease obesity rates.


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