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The influence of the factories is apparent with the Schneider factory in Le Creusot.The dwindling of skilled labor, brought about by the importance of output and not quality, sharply contrasts with the previous essays.

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Also, the overall place of workers in the government was still weak as evidenced by strikes in Paris.

One would think that the industrial revolution would have brought about a higher appreciation of the proletariat and their importance to French industry instead of mere sympathies not carried out fully by Napolon III.

Truquin offers his viewpoint on the latter on page 290 when the old man with whom he is speaking declares: "No one cares about politics any more.

A veritable reign of terror has taken hold of the country since 2 December." This is a direct reference to Louis-Napolons crowning of himself emperor.

Socialism helped the proletariat gain the courage to demand better conditions; in fact, Dumays whole story exemplifies this.

He was a rebel who sought these equal rights and despised the wealth being accumulated by the bourgeois elite to which the Second Empire catered.

We also see again the importance of the railroad system as Dumay temporarily finds employment there and again the working conditions were horrid.

Napolon III insisted on furthering the system in order to keep France in competition for the right to claim to be the central power of Europe and also to keep up with Englands free trade system that pushed France even further behind in industry.

Napolon Is son had died in 1832, so Louis-Napolon took the title of Napolon III.

His reign would soon prove to be one of many ups and downs.


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