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By deciphering the human psyche, Bacon attempts to define the standard for the results of delay and the causes of.The audience for this piece of literature would most likely be intended for those interested in the philosophy of delays.For strength of nature in youth, passeth over many excesses, which are owing a man till his age.

Julius Caesar took Pompey unprovided, and laid asleep his industry and preparations, by a fame that he cunningly gave out: Caesar’s own soldiers loved him not, and being wearied with the wars, and laden with the spoils of Gaul, would forsake him, as soon as he came into Italy.

Beware of sudden change, in any great point of diet, and, if necessity enforce it, fit the rest to it.

For it is a secret both in nature and state, that it is safer to change many things, than one.

Bacon's reference to mythological figures indicates that the general public that interpreted this piece was in some form educated and possibly religious.

Also, by utilizing metaphors that are common to the average man and therefore it is apparent that Bacon is directing his thoughts towards that very social status.


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