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This final book, with the rather ungainly title Agapē Agape, is a project he had been working on all his professional life.Agape, Steven Moore gave this interim report on this last and perhaps most disturbing of Gaddis's work.It was delivered at the international colloquium "Reading William Gaddis" in Orlans, France, March 24-25, 2000.But after The Recognitions appeared, Gaddis returned to the subject and began exploring more of the implications of mechanical reproduction. As you may or may not know, the player piano uses paper rolls with rectangular holes punched in them.And as you certainly remember from your youth, computers originally used cards punched in the same way.Mechanization of the arts ran parallel to the mechanization of people by means of efficiency studies, standardized testing, and various methods of measurement and evaluation more suited to machinery than people.Some of Gaddiss material on player pianos found its way into The Recognitions. 7), she finds herself seated next to a rather pathetic college friend of Bennys.This unnamed character first asks her if she knows anything about player pianos, and when she answers in the negative, he boasts that hes spent two years writing a history of the player piano, and regales her with a list of famous people who owned them (579).Here Gaddis treats the subject in a self-deprecatory way, and indeed a book solely on the player piano would be of limited interest.When he did begin writing again, he had trouble settling on the right project.He began then abandoned a novel on business in 1957, then started a novel on the Civil War, which he changed to a play entitled Once at Antietam, then shelved it in 1960 after failing to find a producer for it.


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