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It refers to “a silent acknowledgment and understanding between two people, who are both wishing or thinking the same thing (and are both unwilling to initiate).” Our first date was to see one of my favorite shows, a weekly experimental theater production by the New York Neo-Futurists.I’d seen the show several times and figured she would dig its humor and weirdness and darkness and -ish cult traditions.

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Love Story provides us with such a vivid experience of losing true love. Especially to those whose marriage is on the verge of breach, the struggling couple, Jenny and Oliver, set a good example.

The character who impresses me most in the story is the heroine---Jenny.

My favorite entry from , a Farsi word that describes the twinkle in your eye when you first meet someone, and describes how I felt the day we met, at an early evening dance party, bathing in the sounds of smooth 45s and in the benevolent light of the late summer’s setting sun.

The word she loves most, I later found out, is , an unpronounceable term from Yaghan, the indigenous language of Tierra Del Fuego, Chile.

But a few particularly great ones stuck out to us throughout the year.

These essays tugged at our (easily reachable) heartstrings. And, sometimes, they made us want to high five our screens.Love story I have read, heard, seen and watched a lot of romantic love stories, but none of them is more impressive of American novelist Erich Segal. The first time was when Jenny replied "love means never having to say that you are sorry" after Oliver apologized to Jenny for quarrelling with her.The second moving and sentimental scene that made me cry was that Oliver held Jenny tightly as she required and then Jenny closed her eyes in Oliver's warm arms.As you jet off to your holiday destination — whether that's your home in the suburbs, an exotic getaway or your local Chinese restaurant — here are 11 of our favorite personal essays of 2015 about love, relationships, and sex from Refinery29 and beyond.Click through the slideshow to see all of our picks.Although her father was a baker in a small town, she did not take it as a shame.Instead, she respected her father and felt pride in his job.“No matter how often I return to it, and no matter the circumstance, I find [the Richard Siken poem] ‘Scheherazade’ as fresh as I did the first time I encountered it.” In her essay, Hannah Giorgis finds enlightenment on identity, nationality, and love through Elizabeth Alexander’s memoir.“ mapped a journey I’d never seen in text: the winding, uncharted process of learning the histories that have shaped a lover who shares your hue but not your heritage,” Giorgis writes.Before the show began, we sat in our seats, for the first time next to each other. * * * * * “Love, Stories” is a series of essays that contemplates and celebrates that inextricable link between romance and reading.We surveyed the theater, gazing out on a sweaty tableau of hair and skin and tassels and tighty-whities. “The fact that I keep falling in love is proof we never lose our potential for feeling,” writes author Larissa Pham.


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