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And if worship is coming from your heart, then worship must show how much you love God. “And one of the Pharisees desired him that he would eat with him.

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Lord Krishna was given the task of washing the feet of the guests who came to the ceremony.

He, the great Lord Himself, washed the feet of the guests with His own hands and set a perfect example.

The man who works hard will surely bring happiness to its surroundings.

When a person works with a positive mindset he discovers thousands of things in itself as well around in his surroundings.

The Gospel According to Mark 14 v.3 actually tells and explains to us what was in the box and how expensive this alabaster box was.

The general view is that work is done in the office, the factory or the fields and worship is done in a temple or a church or a mosque.For example, Marconi the inventor of the radio devoted all his life in this invention which shows why we call work is worship.Another great example is of Columbus who discovered America despite facing different types of difficulties he was dedicated towards his work which made him reach the goal.Now there was a woman who was a sinner that heard that Jesus was going to be in town.So the bible tells us that she brought an alabaster box with her.Work, the dictionary says, refers to physical or mental effort spent to produce or accomplish something.And the word ‘worship’ comes from the old English word ‘worth-ship’, which means giving worth to something.We all know that daily we come across various challenging work tasks but what decides our dedication towards work is how much time we are dedicating towards it.If you do your work on time, it means you are dedicated towards your work and responsibilities and will surely move towards success but on the other hand if you ignore your work or postpone it for later times then there are high chances that you will surely fail.The feeling is that we work to earn money and we worship to get the blessings of God.However, the proverb ‘Work is Worship’ combines the idea of work and worship.


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