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The introduction is the first reading that the audience is going to do.

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Decide from there what the best option is going to be to get the reaction you are hoping for.

In most instances, your hook is going to speak for itself.

Take into consideration the following ideas when coming up with your hook: You want your audience to be able to relate to the material that is to come.

When deciding on what to use for a hook, think about who you are speaking to.

Finally, you will end the introduction with your thesis which states your point of view on the topic.

One way to formulate your introduction is by asking yourself the questions that the reader may have for you.The main questions that you should be considering include: All of these can be answered in the brief paragraph that is your introduction.Just be sure to formulate your answers to meet the expectations of your audience.Introduction The strong desire to help people pushed me towards wanting to become a dentist so that I can help people smile.My mother did not have the opportunity to accomplish her dreams of being a pharmacist since she had to take care of us.It’s pretty difficult to write a summary on something that you haven’t composed yet.You are going to find it a lot easier to write this paragraph after you know what you have put together for a body.As a result, she made sure to offer a suitable […] This type of work is not much different from a simple essay we all are used to.The only major distinction is that it is written based on some text (article, scientific work or another) and is designed in a form of a comprehensive overview of the original text. While a simple essay is created to share a specific opinion with a reader and convey him to an agreement or, on the contrary, disagreement with a stated thesis, a summary paper pursues another goal. The opening clause consists of a thesis (source’s main points) and a quick introduction of the summarized text (title, who wrote it, background, and other relevant data). This part contains the most important ideas presented in the text.With these answers jotted down, you can then begin coming up with a rough outline of your introduction.You have one sentence to really grab the interest of the person doing the reading, and that’s the very first one.


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